Отзывы о прокатной компании Goldcar

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  • Yunna Kuvshinskaya

    It was the first time we rented a car at the airport of Barcelona. It was awful experience after which we will never cooperate with this company. We were given out completely
    scratched and beaten Ford. We didn't change the car as we had to go by it only one week. That’s why we have tried to note carefully all scratches further not to pay for errors of others. Within a week we drove very accurately. We didn't have any aktsidenta. But when we returned the car, the worker found some mistake under a car cowl. Some plastic panel which was pasted on glue and allegedly broken. How could we notice this mistake under a car cowl, how could we check the car carefully if it closely stood on the parking with other cars??????? We didn't pay an insurance, that is why the amount we paid was nearly 400 euros when the real price of it maximum 5 euros. Awful personnel , awful service, bad cars and deception. Be accurate and try not to choose this GOLDCAR.

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